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Personal Fitness Training Certified Fitness Training

As an NFPT certified fitness trainer, Reggie will help you achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle by improving your cardiovascular fitness, strength, flexibility, balance, wellness, confidence and more. Let Reggie help you achieve your fitness goals by helping you get in shape...lose weight...and feel great!

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Basketball Skills Training Players Only Basketball

Reggie has been training and coaching hundreds of basketball players since 1997. She has helped many of her clients earn college basketball scholarships at major universities (see players). Reggie will help elevate your game to the next level.

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Shopping Cart Training Products and Store

Our store has many of the training items used in our acclaimed programs for personal fitness and basketball skill programs. You may also purchase our training manuals and DVDs to help you work out effectively wherever you home, work, or while serving an LDS mission!

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Fitness Assessment and Consultation only $25! Know your numbers. Reach your goals.

4 Personal Training Sessions for only $30 per session!

4 Sessions with a partner for only $25/person per session!

Reggie will help you get in shape...lose weight...and feel great for the holidays and the new year. Training packages must be purchased at the Taylorsville Recreation Center before December 31, 2017, and sessions may be used any time. Membership is not required. Please purchase packages at the Taylorsville Rec Center front desk. For more information, call or text Reggie at 801-433-7753

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Coach Reg Training

Fall Fitness Clinic:

fall fitness clinic

Get in shape...lose weight...and feel great!
Clinic will run throughout September. Morning, afternoon, and evening classes are available.

Cost is $40 for four sessions. For more Information...

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Our training clinics fill up quickly, and personal training appointments are scheduled on a "first come-first served basis". Call for rates and times. We accept all credit cards. Cash payments are always appreciated.